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Babel is a solution that allows users of a payment system to participate in a SOA environment with ease. Babel allows payments systems to expose web services and route transactions to external web services. This is achieved using configuration only, without any coding that can be expensive, time consuming, difficult and costly to maintain and update.

Babel communicates with a payment system over one or more ISO8583 links, translating web service calls to ISO 8583 messages and vice-versa. Using an extensive configuration scheme, Babel is flexible enough to categorize web service calls according to the value of input parameters and route transactions to various web services according to the transaction content.

Using Babel, owners of a payment system can:
  • Easily participate in a SOA environment without any coding.
  • Dramatically reduce integration costs.
  • Drastically decrease time-to-market for the introduction of new products and services.
Video: Babel overview
Video: Using Babel to connect Postilion to a web service in 15'
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